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Organizational staff
Milan Medical Center Milano - Michelle Amante

Michelle Amante
Languages: Italian, English, Tagalog.

Milan Medical Center Milano - Corina Bejan

Corina Bejan
Languages: Italian, English, Romanian, Russian.

Milan Medical Center Milano - Jackeline Piloni

Jackeline Piloni
Languages: Italian, English, Spanish.

Milan Medical Center Milano - Valentina Vecchio

Valentina Vecchio
Languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish, German.

Special Openings
on Saturday morning

Would you like to book an appointment on a Saturday morning? Write us or call us, we will inform you about our next Saturday Special Opening or, if it has not been scheduled yet, we will add you to our waiting list.


First consultation fees
General Practitioner Consultation €100
Dermatology Consultation €130
Allergology Consultation €130
Cardiology Consultation inclusive of ECG €190
Gynaecology Consultation (inclusive of gynaecological ultrasound) €210
Obstetric Consultation (inclusive of obstetric ultrasound) €280
Senology Consultation (inclusive of bilateral breast ultrasound) €150
ENT Consultation €150
Orthopaedics Consultation €160
Endocrinology Consultation €130
Gastroenterology Consultation €170
Paediatric growth assessment, routine examination & counselling €150
Paediatric Consultation for acute illness €120
Psychiatry Consultation €150
Psychotherapy session €100
Nutritional Consultation €150

See the complete list of services and fees. Tariffe2020.pdf

My e-doctor

My e-doctor - Milan Medical center

You would like to talk to a doctor, but you don’t know who to address and you don’t want to leave your home?
My e-Doctor might be right for you.


How does it work?

My e-Doctor is a teleconsultation service. It allows you to seek a doctor’s advice online, directly from your home. It can be very useful, for example:

  • receive a comment on previous exams or analyses
  • clarify use and dosage of over-the-counter drugs
  • ask questions about your treatment plan
  • receive advice and recommendations, or clear up doubts
  • get a second opinion on a diagnosis
  • get prescriptions for further medical investigations

That’s amazing! This means I can solve all my problems remotely without coming to the doctor’s office?

NO. It is fundamental to correctly understand the difference between a video consultation and an in-person medical examination.
When doctors examine you in person, they have access to a wider range of data besides seeing and listening. They can also touch, palpate, use diagnostic instruments, and run laboratory tests and exams if they deem it necessary. This is vitally important for a correct diagnosis and it must not be underestimated.
Do you have doubts? Contact us. We will help you understand if a video consultation can be indicated for your case.

Can I book a video consultation with all of your doctors?

For the time being, no: we only offer the possibility to talk to a General Practitioner.

From a practical point of view, how do I organize a video consultation with My e-Doctor?

It is very easy, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Click on “Book here”. BOOK HERE
  2. Select the type of service.
  3. Register with your details and add any useful information in the “Comments” section.
  4. Pay by credit card. You will receive by email a reminder of your appointment and the link to access the video-call.
On the set date and time of your appointment, just find the email confirmation with the link and simply follow the instructions - that’s it!
We recommend you to log in 10 minutes prior to the appointment and wait for your doctor to arrive in the virtual “room”.

You can cancel your appointment up to 15 hours before the scheduled date and time.

Terms & Conditions are available at this link.
What do I need to connect?

The video calling platform we are using is very simple to use and it works well from both computers and smartphones. Make sure to have:

  • stable internet connection
  • functional webcam
  • functional microphone
  • medical history that may be useful to your e-Doctor

*To access the service from your smartphone, download the app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

How much does My e-Doctor cost?

At the time of coronavirus, we are keeping prices low for you!

Video call duration
SPEEDY: 15 minutes €30
NO STRESS: 30 minutes €50

Choose the best option for you among the various services available, paying attention to their description.


Insurance coverage

Do you have a private health insurance? Milan Medical Center will provide you with all necessary documents to obtain a refund. You just need to check which documents your insurance company requires.

We also offer a cashless payment option: we have entered into agreements with the leading international operators to allow direct debit of service fees.

To benefit from this option, please contact our partner insurance company before the appointment, and ask them to provide a guarantee of payment (GOP). Please note that direct debit is not available without a GOP: you will have to cover the costs of your consultations and then claim a reimbursement on your insurance company.

Our partners:

  • Balt Assistance
  • Bupa
  • Cigna
  • Emergency Assistance Japan
  • Europ Assistance
  • GeoBlue
  • Healix
  • International Sos
  • JI Accident & Fire
  • JTB
  • Prestige International
  • United Healthcare.