Milan Medical Center

Milan Medical Center is a multi-specialized medical center dedicated to people of all ages, established in Milan in 2006. It functions as a gateway to any physical and psychological healthcare need: it guarantees direct access to treatments in more than ten specialties, and in other cases it provids access to an extensive network of external medical services. The Center offers the possibility to carry out on-site blood and other laboratory tests, scans, electrocardiograms and allergy tests.

Those visiting the Milan Medical Center will meet doctors ready to listen, understand and prescribe the necessary treatments to meet individual needs. One of the key strengths of the Center is the teamwork approach adopted by its doctors, which in turn allows them to view each patient in a holistic manner: consultations, sharing patients' information andmedical evaluation teamwork is part of our daily work.

All doctors at Milan Medical Center are English speaking. In some cases German, French and Spanish are spoken too and have acquired years of experience working with foreign patients living in Italy. This further reinforces our ability to deal with and treat patients from different cultures. Those who have recently moved to Italy will find an open and international environment, where to seek the help they need to fit into their new life in this country.


Telephone contact number for emergencies: 338 16 51 324.

If no-one is available to take your call, please leave a message on our answering machine and you will be called back as soon as possible.


Milan Medical Center

via Angelo Mauri 3
20144 Milano

(Corso Vercelli area).
Metro MM1 Conciliazione
MM1 Pagano.
Tram 16, 10.
Bus 61.

tel. 02 43 99 04 01
fax 02 43 98 98 00

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tel. 02 43 99 04 01

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